Another tragedy… Sandy Hook, CT School Shooting

It is hard to put into words what a tragedy like this means… too many dead, too senseless an act. No final counts yet, but at least 20 of the dead are children.

This cannot be sugar coated. It seems the gunman killed his father, then his mother, and took many others along the way. How do we handle this? What do we say? If there was ever a question if evil is real, it is real.

Newsmakers are asking how it happened and why? There is no “why”. No anger seems appropriate or reason enough. No “bad childhood” can make this understandable.

What I can say is that we need prayers. We need to stand on the gap for those who mourn and mourn with them in their time of need. What I will say to parents is love your children, hug them, tell them they are special and important. Let them know they are loved by you and by God.
And pray…

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