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A ministry devoted to helping people live lives free of disrespect and abuse so they can be all God intends. We provide help, hope and healing through counseling, support, resources and seminars.

That’s the short version. Here’s the long one… 

Our name says it all – Living in Freedom and Empowerment (LiFE). We want people to live the lives God intends them to live, ones free of disrespect and abuse. Healthy relationships are God’s design for us, but we don’t always get them or even know what they look like. We can have healthy relationships, marriages and families, and LiFE is dedicated to helping that happen.

We started out in 2007 with the name the Christian Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (CCADA) and it is still our DBA name. Interestingly, we have found that when using the name CCADA , some people are turned off. It does happen that when we have tables with information at various churches to “unsilence” the issue women may walk by and hang their head so as to not make eye contact or husband’s pull their wives away. Therefore, through much prayer we began using LiFE and it has made a difference. Take for instance that we have held seminars at churches and maybe 20-30 attend. We had an Approachable Women’s conference in February 2011 using LiFE and 120 women attended. Sad, isn’t it, but it is the reality of the shame and taboo of domestic abuse that permeates our community. Besides having the CCADA website (www.ccada.org) which many find us through and we are blessed to help, we also have our LiFE website, www.LifeAbundantlyFree.org to emphasize healthy relationships. If you check out this page, you will find a listing of seminars we provide.

So, that’s the beginning. Now, about what we do. Besides bringing awareness to the Christian community and churches through education, resources and seminars, we also provide support and spiritual guidance through email, phone and face to face contact. We provide individual and group counseling services provided by Master’s level clinicians. I counsel as well as oversee the program.  My husband is also a counselor and Life Coach and runs weekly groups inside the Dade County jail. These groups address power and control, anger management and healthy relationships. This is in an effort to help these men find healing and a better way before they leave incarceration so that women on the other side will be helped. We believe that we can make a difference in preventing further abuse through these groups, and the jail has reported that the men are even treating each other differently in their units. Praise God for these changes. We also have a volunteer who goes into the women’s jail and facilitates groups for women who have suffered abuse.

We are committed to bringing the Light of Christ to the issue of domestic abuse (which includes child, spousal, dating, and elder abuse) in our churches and Christian community. The Christian community has turned a blind eye and looked the other way for too long or, if they decide to “help” often cause more harm than good. Scripture is misunderstood and harmful advice often given. However, one of our ministries is that we help churches not only understand the issues (through the seminars), but encourage them to begin ministry to the hurting (once we have trained them in how to do that Biblically and effectively.  We have helped churches begin ministries not only in South Florida where we are located, but in various states such as Ohio, Texas and Colorado.  Other churches around the US and in other countries are facilitating support groups using the book I wrote, Healing the Broken Places, and many have found healing. While we do not have a shelter, we do minister far and wide and in many ways.

We would be honored if you would consider supporting this vital ministry. We truly are making a difference.  Blessings as you consider how God would lead you in your search to support Christians in this area. Whatever you decide, we are honored to have you as a friend.

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    As per our phone conversation, please e-mail me a volunteer form.
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